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Brookfield CAS with the River Rats Saturday September 12, 2020!

"Whut's in the pot?"

"I thought it wuz coffee..."

"Coffee? I thought it wuz oatmeal!"

"Whut the heck is it?"

"Let's ask Mo; he knows everything..."

"Mo? He probably made this!"

Mo is off feeding his horse, Spark Plug, while his dirty socks are boiling over the campfire. That's the best way to get'em clean!

Brookfield Cowboy Action with the Shenango River Rats!

Saturday September 12, 2020

It was a wonderful day in the neighborhood, Roy, and a good time was had by all!

The sun was out, there was a nice breeze from time to time, and everybody was happy. The best breeze actually came after the match as we were outside sitting on the patio under the roof.

Thank you for coming out and joining us and thank you for your support.

Krazy Thom won today’s match. He missed it by one miss and earned himself a tasteful brown colored ribbon that will look good hanging in his trophy room! Congratulations, Thom!

Clean shootin’ Swiftwater Jack won the second place spot. Swiftwater was our main scorekeeper and sign-in partner. Thanks, Jack!

Fast-shootin’ Lenny James finished third. Nice shootin’ Lenny!

Howdy, Rowdy! Rowdy Red Tailor was fourth place.

Fifth place went to our old friend, Diamondback Dirk. Yes, that Diamondback Dirk!

Forty Niner, Boonie Young came in sixth and Slow Mo Dern finished strong in the lucky number seventh spot! How lucky is that!

Eighth place went to law dog, T.J. Lawdog. Congratulations, T.J!

“Number nine, number nine, number nine….” That’s right! Turkey Flats Jack finished at number ninth place! It’s always a good time when Turkey Flats Jack is on the posse.

Hard workin’ Hagen took tenth place in a blast of fire and smoke and master target manufacturer Flat Iron Mike came away with the eleventh place win.

Brunswick’s own Brunswick Kid shot another clean match and finished in our twelfth place. Thanks for all your help, Kid! Salute!

Rattlesnake Ruby finished in his favorite place on the scoresheet again… lucky thirteenth place! He finishes there a lot!

New club member Joe Capp came out of the basement this time and won the fourteenth place! Congratulations, Joe!

Fifteenth place went to our other master target manufacturer, BoJak.

Coming in at the sweet number sixteenth place was our good pal, Deadwood Dave and the sweet seventeenth place went to Connecticut’s own Jocko in another blast of fire and smoke! KaBooom!

We always save the best for last and finishing strong in eighteenth place, the sweetheart of the rodeo, Heartless Hannah! It’s always a fun time with Hannah on the posse!

Wild Bunch aficionado, Boonie Young, finished in first place in the Wild Bunch category. Congratulations, Boonie!

Congratulations to all our winners and contestants! YeeHaww!

I want to thank everyone who worked so hard putting our match together, helping with chores, posse duties, and making it run as smooth as my Thom Duma pocket watch. (The “H” is silent, folks…)

Big thanks to Missouri Jake for the use of his big trailer, the prairie schooner. We’d be lost without it and big thanks to Rattlesnake Ruby for driving Mr. Ford and the loaded prairie schooner back up to the ranch.

Thanks to good buddy, Kat for making us lunch. We had turkey sandwiches, potato chips, macaroni salad, pleasing Pepsi, coffee, and cupcakes! I was so thirsty I could have downed a gallon of Pepsi!

Our next match will be on Thursday September 24, 2020. It’s our monthly “last Thursday of the Month Work-Shirker Open Class CAS Match!” Shoot any style you want at any time and double the day’s amount of fun!

Some folks have even tripled their amount of fun! It’s true! You know I wouldn’t lie…

We’re going to shoot the Brunswick Kid’s Big Double Cross sweep on the big target bank, bust the Cactus Corral plates, do the chicken shoot, exterminate the hotel rats, clean out the saloon, quickly save Ma an’ Pa over at the Cabbage Patch, and go bird hunting at the Old Fort! It’ll be fun, you’ll see!

That’s the Thursday Work-Shirker Open Class CAS Match on

Thursday September 24, 2020. We hope you can attend.

Visitors and spectators are always welcome. Bring your safety glasses and hearing protectors and of course, bring your mask and any other personal protective equipment you might need.

We hope to see you there. Thank you for your support.

All our best,

Slow Mo Dern and the Shenango River Rats

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